Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! App Reviews

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Waste of money.

Had great reviews but moves way too slow. Not enjoyable at all.

Addicting and fun

It's as I said, it's very addicting and fun. I only have one issue, when I'm running the game at 3 times, even 2 times and it lags and then crashes.


Not able to unlock root beer island

Love this game but.....

Love this game but it isn't allowing me to unlock root beer island so the game won't progress. :(

Creating weapons is addicting !

I'm loving this game! Totally reminded me of Game Dev and this game borrowed some rpg elements like changing class jobs or whatever from the Kairosoft to make it a hundred times more addicting. I don't get why the potatoes are thrown into the game but it served as a comedic background in a bizarre way and doesn't really distract you from the main gameplay. Now, the gameplay is the best part because you go about forging weapons and strategically sell them to heroes for profit or fame. Next, you get the satisfaction from watching your business grow and being able to hire from a diversity of smiths to create more powerful weapons. I love how you can be in charge of managing smiths' skill classes too. My only complaints are that it doesn't come with the iCloud. You see the texts are kinda hard to read on my 7 plus but I imagine its worse for those with non-plus sized phones. However, I can read just fine on iPad, but iCloud would be nice to have for the ability to play on iPad at home and then switch to mobile on the road with my iPhone. The other is it could be a little more touch-screen intuitive for iPhones because it's somewhat annoying to try and tap on those darn, small arrows just to change the characters, actions, or exit to world map. That's only the only cons I can think of but the cons doesn't stop me from playing it. Otherwise, it's still a great port game!


Now that the crashing has been fixed this is an easy 5 stars.

So disappointing

Let me start by saying I love this game. It is fun, well balanced and addicting. BUT it has a major issue with crashing and the website link does not provide iOS support. Also the support link goes directly to the discord app with no instructions as to how to contact the developers. I want to play this game more but it crashes every time at the yearly awards and support is non existent or at least hidden.

Fun game BUT...

crashed the game every time when the competition is coming! Please fix it!

Game crashed at Month 4 15th every year! Fix it pls!

Great game indeed. Bit this issue is just annoying and ruins all the fun, I had to save the game mannually. Hate it when I had so much fun and suddenly game crushed and after the reboot and reload the auto save the game keep crashing... And the worse thing is the last mannual save file was two hour ago……

Great port

After the update, this app has definitely redeemed itself. It's a great game that has kept my attention for long periods of time, which leads to questions like "Where did the hours go?" And "Why is my phone dying already?". I'm about halfway through the game, and I can only hope more will come. The buttons are still very small, and the game takes a little while to register taps. But those are my only complaints.

Two apps confusing

Wasn't sure which app to get as I didn't want to be stuck on one device, bought the iPhone as it claimed to be updated to universal but iPad has letterbox, animations are glitchy, resolution of different parts are horribly pixelated, certain objects have white lines around the transparency. All just rather upsetting. Edit: It gets worse, crashes at first awards and can't get past it, crashes every time. Unplayable.

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